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We have a wide selection of books of local interest, including



Felicity Goodall 12.99


Missing medieval manuscsripts, lost lighthouses and vanished villages are all part of the fabric of  Devons hidden history.  The mill which supplied handmade paper to Buckingham Palace, the mine which produced half the worlds supply of copper in the 19th century and the anonymous terrace of houses where Rudyard Kipling went to school.  Felicity brings to life forgotten stories that have shaped the county and puts them into the context of world events.


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Roger Barrett 7.99


By far our best selling book in the run up to christmas, this new book by Roger Barrett tells the tragic story of the William and Emma which went down with 13 of her crew in 1916.  This terrible event had a huge impact on the small town of Salcombe and the names of the lost crewmen are remembered today on the war memorial. 

All proceeds from the sale of this book go to the Salcombe Lifeboat Station.


Tony Porter 9.99


After the phenomenal sucess of The Great White Palace, Tony Porter has at last written an account of his early life in the years leading up to his purchase of Burgh Island.  From selling high fashion in London in the swinging 60s, his has been a varied and colourful career.





Virginia Murch £12.99


Virginia was born in Salcombe, and her family can trace their Devonian origins back to 1057. This fascinating book describes the story of Salcombe through the eyes of her family, whose impact on the town changed it forever. Its cast of characters include James Murch, the largest local employer who constructed most of the buildings around the Estuary, and Lt.Cmdr. Francis Murch, who assumed responsibility for the safety of Salcombe in the dark days of the American build-up to D Day in 1944.



                                                      REFLECTIONS OF THE SOUTH HAMS

Nigel Evans rrp £20.00


Currently our best-selling  local interest book, this comprehensive collection of photographs bears witness to the extraordinary beauty and diversity of this part of the world. Everything is covered here - castles, coves and coastline, from Bantham to Burgh Island, Dartington Hall to the Dart Valley railway. Nigel has a love of the landscape that shines through each image, and this book would make a wonderful gift for any occasion.




Felicity Fair Thompson, £8.99


Based on the true story of US troops descending on Slapton Sands to practise for the D-Day landings, this tale is told through the eyes of twelve year old Harry, who is one of the three thousand local people who had to leave their homes to make way for a secret military exercise that had a tragic outcome. Well researched and vividly told, this book is a compelling choice for both local readers and those visiting the area for the first time, who want to learn more about the secrets of the past that this coastline holds.




Stephen Pedrick £12.00


Following on from the big success of his first book A Century of Memories, this book celebrates the lives and reminiscences of more local South Hams people, many of whom are Devonian by birth. Stephen has been talking to and recording the memories of people living in the South Hams for years, and  the result is another moving testimony, full of fascinating detail and rich in social history.


Signed copies available in the shop.




Stephen Pedrick £11.95


This first compilation of the memories of local people living in the South Hams demonstrates the importance of recording oral histories, before they disappear forever. Fifty men and women tell their stories in this book, and their narratives reveal how many changes they have witnessed during their lifetimes.



 We also stock walks books, local guides and maps, as well as postcards and greetings cards with paintings by local artists.