Review of The Dressmaker
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The Dressmaker by Rosalie Ham

Published by Serpents Tail for £7.99

The Dressmaker is a clever satire about small town life, set in 1950s rural Australia.  Myrtle who has renamed herself Tilly, returns to Dungatar to find her mother suffering from dementia and their house in a state of neglect.  As a child Tilly was forced to leave home, blamed for a tragic accident.  Now, some twenty years later, she is willing to give the residents a second chance.  With her skills as an expert dressmaker and the latest fabrics and designs she sets about transforming the lives of the Dungatar ladies and winning their trust.  But while their exteriors are more attractive, their hearts and minds are still  bitter, still suspicious.  As dark secrets and deep rivalries slowly unfold, Tilly decides to teach them all a lesson.

Reviewed by Louise