Review of The Wolf Border
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The Wolf Border by Sarah Hall

Published by Faber for £8.99

Rachel Caine is  a zoologist who specialises in working with wolves.  She has spent the last ten years on a reservation in Idaho, living a spartan but seemingly fulfilling existence, when she is offered a job which at first she refuses to contemplate, to reintroduce wolves into a vast estate on the Scottish borders.  The eccentric Earl of Annerdale is known for his controversial ecological schemes and Rachel, whose personal circumstances have altered in a sudden and dramatic fashion, agrees to take on the challenge.  Sarah Hill writes wonderfully about the landscape and the seasons, and her characters are compelling.  There is a recurrent theme of exploring boundaries here, between mother and daughter, employer and employee, between the wild and the civilised, between human and wild creature.  A complex and fascinating book.

Reviewed by Pat