Review of The Running Hare
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The Running Hare by John Lewis-Stempel

Published by Doubleday for £14.99

In his first, highly acclaimed book, Meadowland, John Lewis-Stempel records the minute day to day changes in an ancient meadow on his Herefordshire farm.  The Running Hare is the story of another field in the southern part of the county surrounded by acres of wheat drenched in chemicals and virtually devoid of wildlife.  Lewis-Stempel also plants his acres with wheat but mixed with wild flower seeds, corn marigolds, poppies and cornflowers, the traditional flowers of the countryside beloved of writers like John Clare and Richard Jefferies.  Gradually the field repopulates with flowers, bees, birds and butterflies and – the greatest prize of all - a breeding pair of hares.  This is, in one sense, a positive and hopeful book but, sadly, it is also a great lament for what we have lost and what we are about to lose if we do not rapidly change our ways.

Reviewed by Pat